White House Marketing Volunteers at Special Olympics Fall Games

Perris, CA—A team of White House Marketing representatives volunteer at the Special Olympics Fall Games in Softball and Soccer.


Special Olympics Southern California Fall Games takes place in several locations. For the Inland Empire, the softball and soccer events were held at the Big League Dreams in Perris, California on Saturday, October 20, 2018.


The athletes in attendance exceeded 1,100 in Southern California. Kaiser Permanente provides medical assistance for any athletes, volunteers, and coaches at the event at no cost. Hundreds of volunteers come together to warm up and cheer on athletes, keep times and scores, setup/breakdown sports equipment, award medals, and sell shirts.


Amaya B, White House Marketing Volunteer for softball, showed her knowledge of the sport by warming up the individual athletes in running, swinging, and throwing. Amaya stated, “I felt so good attending the event. I really enjoyed seeing all of the smiling faces—especially when I was cheering them on.”


The event marked 50 years of Special Olympics. Special guests and performers showed up to give support to the athletes who persevere in participation. The opening ceremony consists of a torch lighting ceremony, National Anthem, introduction of the teams, and each athlete taking the Special Olympics’ Oath. It says, “Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.” A lesson for us all as we prepare for each day.

White House Marketing Will Expand Into Salt Lake City Market

The management of White House Marketing, a premier interactive marketing firm, recently announced their future expansion site will be in the Salt Lake City region. To accommodate this new market, managers will soon begin recruiting new team members.


Ontario, CA, September 03, 2018 –(PR.com)– Randy explained that the inclusion of new clients and services increased demand for staffing and is the primary reason for the company to branch out into these Utah cities. “Much research has been done on Salt Lake City and its surrounding areas,” he said. “With the expansion into this new territory, we promise to bring more jobs and promotions to the area.

“The manager has been well-trained on the clients—products, services, and promotions—and he has successfully trained and developed many people in his time with the company. He’s ready.”

White House Marketing Leader Discusses Hiring Objectives

As the company expands into the new territory, the need for additional team members is evident. The new manager noted he will be searching for new talent very soon. “We will be conducting over-the-phone and webcam interviews to jumpstart the process of adding to our team,” he said.

According to the new manager, the company has developed a strategic way of fast-tracking people to a management position. “Student mentality and positivity are the only attributes that cannot be taught,” he said. “Everything else are minor tweeks.”

One point that Randy strongly emphasized was that White House Marketing is not opening in Salt Lake City to fill positions, however, it’s more about providing an opportunity to those who want a long-term career in a business, marketing, customer service, or entrepreneurial field. He finishes by saying, “It is not for the weak; it’s a position for those who have once been weakened yet are determined to come out strong. It is not a corporate-style position, whereas one person must retire for another to move up. It is merit-based and performance-based.

White House Marketing Supports Special Olympics through Volunteering and Donations

Corona, CA, June 19, 2018 – White House Marketing has always supported Special Olympics and Special Olympics’ Athletes through financial donations online. However this year, WHM decided to go the extra mile and volunteered at Special Olympics.


Each year, Special Olympics has sponsors who will take donations. WHM has always donated money. This year, we went the extra step to volunteer. “And, boy, is it a humbling, happy, emotional, intense, organized, chaotic experience. People complain about the simple things like jobs, finances and relationships. These athletes are so grateful to have the opportunity to cross the finish lines.”, says on WHM volunteer.


Special Olympics is thought to be about sporting events. But, Special Olympics serves as a social community event for the athletes involved. Not only is there an opening ceremony, but there is also a dance, vendors, festivals, award ceremonies, and meet-and-greets. Approximately 1,100 athletes were in attendance this year. The sporting events arranged were gymnastics, bocce, track, and basketball. An announcement came out this year during the Long Beach opening ceremony of flag football being added to next year’s list. Athletes watched as several Los Angeles Rams showed a demonstration.


During and before the Special Olympics, Kaiser Permanente had testing kits and medical supplies on hand to provide the athletes with a check up at no cost to the athlete. One athlete stated during a news conference several years ago the Kaiser medical tent picked up on early signs of cancer and saved his life. He is forever grateful.


Special Olympics Southern California is always looking for volunteers. Volunteers can sign up via the website. This is to ensure the volunteer can select what area he/she wishes to volunteer in. A volunteer can always sign up on the day of the event by simply going to the “non-registered volunteers” tent. Volunteers are then given an assignment–whether it is to be a fan in the stands or call out names during the award ceremony.


WHM will be attending this event from now on. Several volunteers from SOSC made everlasting connections that they are now becoming coaches at their local chapters. WHM CEO Randy W. states, “Special Olympics is something special to me. The fact that some of my business partners took action too and loved every second of it tells me we are doing something right.”

White House Marketing extends a helping hand to those in need.

CORONA, CA – White House Marketing recognizes the rising number of homeless people in Los Angeles and decides to make a small impact for the holidays.

A White House Marketing representative, Yesica R. came into the office with a sigh of sadness under her voice one day. When she was asked, “what’s wrong?”, she stated that she was extremely affected by a viral video she saw on Facebook. The video was an interview with a homeless man in New York. He was talking about his typical days, how hard it is to find a job without having a residence, and the sadness he encounters during the holiday season by not having a home to go home to.


On December 22, 2017, a group of White House Marketing groups of representatives put together 150 sack lunches to hand out to homeless people. The sacks were filled with food and beverage items including sandwiches, chips, and non-perishables. All grocery items were donated by WHM employees. Each two-person group met at the office to put together sacks and drove to different areas of Riverside and Los Angeles.

Last year, it was reported that there are approximately 58,000 ho  meless people in Los Angeles. That number did not extend to surrounding areas. The Los Angeles Times came out with an article stating the reported estimated number was extremely low. The LA Times also stated in the article that “The count does not purport to tap every person who experiences bouts of homelessness over a year, but rather produces a snapshot of the street and shelter population that can be used to shape policy and distribute funding.”

So, although WHM could only reach 150 people in those areas, the tears of joy, hugs of appreciation, and happiness on their faces made the entire event well-worthwhile. Yesica says, “I really like working for a company that actually cares about what the employees care about. For someone to ask me what was wrong, ask to see the video, and encourage the food drive to take place was amazing. And, even though it was just one meal, I…we…made a difference in someone’s life today even if they don’t have a home to go to.”


White House Marketing supports Epilepsy Awareness and Autism Awareness

CORONA, CA White House Marketings president is an avid supporter of bringing awareness to different charities for those suffering with different disabilities, challenges, and handicaps.


“Everyone knows someone—whether a family member or friend—that suffers from some type of illness,” declared Randy W., the president of White House Marketing. “I think its important to know your employees and know what is important to them.”


Purple Day is celebrated annually on March 26th. Although November is Epilepsy Awareness Month, every year countries all over the world come together to spread awareness on people who suffer with epilepsy. It is estimated that one in every 100 people suffer from epilepsy, which is approximately 50 million people worldwide.


The teams of direct marketing representatives and managers have an opportunity to see thousands of people each day. As he put it, “There may not always be an event for all our offices to attend; but, by wearing a simple ribbon, it draws curiosity about epilepsy awareness to those masses.”


It was not a requirement to wear a purple ribbon on March 26th; an employee started participating in it years ago. “People would ask her every March 26th ‘what is the ribbon for?’ continued Randy. “Now, years later, every single person—without being asked to—wore a ribbon on March 26th.”


White House Marketing representatives attend Walk In The Vines for Autism


April is Autism Awareness month. On April 2, 2017, several White House Marketing representatives attended Walk In The Vines for Autism. This event is held each year in Temecula, California. WHM representatives enjoyed the beautiful two mile walk, hot air balloons, and scenic views of Temecula’s Wine Country at the annual walk. According to the coordinator of Walk In the Vines for Autism, approximately 1,000 walkers were present and about 50,000 dollars was raised to go towards families with an Autistic person in the household.


Walk In The Vines for Autism is coordinated by Our Nicholas Foundation. Our Nicholas Foundation was started by a local family whose son, Nicholas was diagnosed with autism at a young age. So, his parents started Our Nicholas Foundation to promote Autism Awareness and provide support for families and programs for those diagnosed with Autism. One representative stated, “It is an honor to be a part of a company that has such a good heart. As the father of an autistic son, many companies don’t understand the struggles that go along with inabilities to communicate with your only child. Knowing that Foundations like Our Nicholas Foundation works to help families like mine…well, it touches my heart; I’m so proud to be attending this event today.”


PRESS RELEASE : White House Marketing, Inc. Lands Office Space in New Market

TUCSON, AZ – White House Marketing, Inc.’s president discussed the firm’s relocation to a new region, and announced a hiring push to accommodate changing and growing needs resulting from the transition.

“White House Marketing, Inc. operates from a growth framework,” said Randy W., the firm’s president. “Everything we do is motivated by a desire to improve and excel. This focus on the future has led to a booming business, and a decision to secure an office in a new market.”

As Randy explained, White House Marketing, Inc., recently relocated to California to introduce brands to the market there. He noted that a great deal of planning and preparation was involved in the decision to move.

“My colleagues and I addressed issues such as budgetary needs, capabilities, and available resources,” Randy stated. “We also considered how our new geographic market would be similar to and different from the old one. This helped us determine what, if any, changes we would need to make to our operations. Of course, we also assessed the competition in the area. After some deliberation, we determined that relocation would be the next step in the growth of our firm.

Leadership at White House Marketing, Inc. Is Expanding Team to Support New Market Needs

According to Randy, the White House Marketing, Inc. team is looking forward to the new challenges. “We’re also seeking fresh talent to help us meet rising brand needs,” he continued. “I’m creating a new training curriculum for those who join us, as well as for those who expand into new markets in the future.”

The firm’s president elaborated on his ideas for his new educational initiative. In accordance with the standing focus on growth, Randy confirmed that the program would allow for personalized attention to ensure that all new hires would have the support needed to thrive.

“All recently hired team members will be paired with a more experienced individual,” Randy concluded. “The training will be rigorous, because I want everyone to develop a thorough understanding of every detail of the business. Doing so will enable them to flourish in the industry. After completion of this regimen, however, my team members will continue to learn. Professional development sessions will take place on a monthly basis. As a leader, the success of my people is incredibly important to me. I can’t wait to see all they accomplish, and I hope anyone who would like to join us will visit us online.”

About White House Marketing

White House Marketing is a dynamic communication and business consulting services firm. Their team of marketing specialists is dedicated to leveraging innovative promotional initiatives to empower their clients’ brand growth. They take advantage of cutting edge research and unique channels to consistently exceed clients’ outreach goals. By injecting personal interaction into all of their campaigns, the White House Marketing team is able to build a rapport between businesses and their customers. This has resulted in a track record of superior return on investment and customer acquisition for the firm’s clients. Learn more about the company’s service offerings by visiting WhiteHouseMarketingInc.com.

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PRESS RELEASE : White House Marketing Focuses on Hiring the Right People


TUCSON, AZ The president at White House Marketing outlined the importance of hiring the right people with the right attitudes. He also discussed the firms training approach and the growth opportunities within the organization.


Randy W., the president at White House Marketing look for many of the same skills and attributes in a new hire that other firms do. However, they also seek a specific mindset when assessing candidates. As Randy stated, “We want to make sure that any new addition to our team has the right kind of attitude to go along with his or her tangible skills. I believe that’s what determines who is right for a position and who is not.”


Business leaders are often tempted to bring in the most skilled candidates and have them get right to work. Randy and the rest of the White House Marketing leadership team certainly understand the appeal of doing so, but they also look for people skills and related qualities. As the president said, “For us, a candidate’s abilities to work well as part of a team and deal with adversity are even more important than his or her technical skill level.”


One reason that hiring based on attitude is such a sound strategy is that technology is always evolving. “The technical demands of business could change drastically over the next few years,” Randy noted. “We want to know that the people we bring into our firm have the temperaments to adapt to changes and grow right along with the business world. Our focus is on attracting talented candidates who aren’t afraid to adjust to evolving circumstances and tackle new challenges.”


White House Marketing’s President Details the Firm’s Training and Advancement Philosophies


The leaders at White House Marketing provide extensive training for new hires. They also organize ongoing training sessions for all team members. As Randy explained, “Areas of focus in our training efforts include product knowledge, customer service, and research skills. We also offer cross-training to make sure our associates understand each other’s duties. Communication skills and management techniques are also points of emphasis, because we want to identify future leaders.”


Along with an emphasis on progressive training comes great opportunity for advancement. Company leaders promote according to merit rather than politics or seniority, and team members know exactly what they must do to move up within the firm. As the president concluded, “There’s no mystery or gamesmanship when it comes to our people advancing. We make the expectations clear so each team member understands how he or she can achieve professional goals. I think that makes for an inspired group of top performers. It benefits our firm, our associates, and the brands we represent.”


About White House Marketing


White House Marketing is a dynamic communication and business consulting services firm. Their team of marketing specialists is dedicated to leveraging innovative promotional initiatives to empower their clients’ brand growth. They take advantage of cutting edge research and unique channels to consistently exceed clients’ outreach goals. By injecting personal interaction into all of their campaigns, the White House Marketing team is able to build a rapport between businesses and their customers. This has resulted in a track record of superior return on investment and customer acquisition for the firm’s clients. Learn more about the company’s service offerings by visiting WhiteHouseMarketingInc.com.


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PRESS RELEASE : White House Marketing Discusses Goal Setting for New Year

TUCSON, AZ – As 2015 begins in earnest, the White House Marketing management team has been diligently working on setting annual goals for their firm. They have adapted an approach to developing objectives they believe is worth sharing with others.

Randy, the company’s director of operations, expressed his excitement about the team’s plans for this year. “We had an outstanding 2014, and 2015 is going to be even better,” he exclaimed. “Our number one priority is, of course, helping brands grow and expand into new markets, and to attract the attention of other customers who will benefit from the products and services we represent.”

“As we generate more business for these brands, we expect to see White House Marketing grow as well,” Randy noted. “For instance, we look forward to expanding into new locations and adding to our team of highly qualified associates – who I fully credit for our success so far.”

The interactive marketing firm’s management team cites that their approach to establishing goals has made the process much easier than they expected. “It’s easy to write down goals, and hope that you’ll reach them,” said Randy. “However, we want to ensure that we achieve them. Therefore, we focus on ensuring that they are detailed and specific, that they’re reasonably attainable given market conditions, measurable, and time-sensitive. We’ve also added several milestones that will serve as check points throughout the year to help us assess how far we’ve come and whether need to make adjustments to stay on track.”

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PRESS RELEASE : White House Marketing Backs the Tucson Alliance for Autism

TUCSON, AZ – The leaders of White House Marketing discussed the team’s participation in a charitable fundraiser, and highlighted the mission and services of the recipient agency: the Tucson Alliance for Autism (TAFA).

“Our team at White House Marketing recently participated in a fundraising event for TAFA,” reported Randy, the firm’s President. “Not only did we have a great time, but it felt really good to support autism awareness as well. The money that was raised from the event is being used to assist children and families affected by autism.”

According to Randy, there was significant community participation in the event. Local restaurants provided catering services, and live music of many different genres added even more life to the function. Furthermore, spas, retailers, and country clubs offered donations, which were used for a silent auction. All proceeds were forwarded to the Tucson Alliance for Autism.

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PRESS RELEASE : Connect DFW Honors Top Reps with California Boat Cruise

IRVING, TX – The Connect DFW leadership recently sent top performers to a prestigious event in Southern California. The firm’s standout representatives had the opportunity to network with influential industry leaders.

The leaders at Connect DFW strive to reward the incredible dedication of their dynamic team members in exciting and memorable ways. In that spirit, Rachel, the firm’s president, organized a getaway to sunny Southern California that included a leadership conference.

As Rachel explained, “Our people are wined and dined throughout the cruise, and are able to network with industry leaders and peers. This provides them with a relaxed environment to build relationships and learn from the best of the best!”

When asked how the attendees were chosen, Rachel stated, “We chose our team of representatives from each division of our office based on who has made the biggest long-term impact on our company as well as one newcomer who has set the bar very high right out of the gate.” In total, eight team members were selected to accompany the president on the trip: Natalie, Cary, Kara, Taylor, Shawna, Dazell, Thomas, and Lester.

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