PRESS RELEASE : White House Marketing Grows Network of Marketing Entrepreneurs

TUCSON, AZ – White House Marketing is expanding into key cities to fulfill customer demands for proven interactive marketing campaigns. The company’s President also talks about their internships for University of Arizona graduates entering the marketing field.

According to Randy, the firm’s President, these recent accomplishments are a result, in part, of greater business recognition of direct marketing’s effectiveness in generating revenue. He explained why onsite marketing has a considerable edge over more traditional approaches, such as print, television, or radio advertisements. “When you present to the consumer personally, you are able to answer their questions, connect with them, and gain their trust.”

As Randy said, “Interactive marketing is a form of two-way communication. Consumers can share what appeals to them about the product, thus providing us with valuable feedback. This is not possible with indirect approaches in which advertising is generalized for a broader audience without a guaranteed return on investment. We specialize not simply in crafting a message, but in building relationships.”

To illustrate, Randy cited a UCLA study in which 93% of communication is based on non-verbal cues and expressions. The ability to read these signs is critical for generating a rapport with the consumer and thus convert the encounter into a nurturing a long-term customer, stated Randy. “This method has allowed our clients, large and small, to increase their revenue more cost effectively,” said Randy. “We have witnessed many companies take their brands from unknown to immediately recognizable simply by exposing consumers to their product or services.”

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PRESS RELEASE: White House Marketing Attends and Director Speaks at Leadership Conference

TUCSON, AZ – White House Marketing was well represented at a recent leadership conference in California, with the firm’s director delivering keynote address. Team members who attended the event returned to work with fresh motivation.

White House Marketing frequently takes advantage of industry gatherings to make new contacts and learn about emerging industry techniques. The recent regional leadership conference in California presented unique opportunities for the firm’s team members to sharpen their business acumen while interacting with top performers from across the country.

Randy, the firm’s director of operations, chose two team members to attend the conference with him. As he explained, “We attended several presentations on networking tips, business practices, and new ways to motivate a team.” Randy is looking forward to seeing the executives chosen to attend become more confident and achieve their goals through the lessons they learned at the conference.

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