PRESS RELEASE : White House Marketing Discusses Goal Setting for New Year

TUCSON, AZ – As 2015 begins in earnest, the White House Marketing management team has been diligently working on setting annual goals for their firm. They have adapted an approach to developing objectives they believe is worth sharing with others.

Randy, the company’s director of operations, expressed his excitement about the team’s plans for this year. “We had an outstanding 2014, and 2015 is going to be even better,” he exclaimed. “Our number one priority is, of course, helping brands grow and expand into new markets, and to attract the attention of other customers who will benefit from the products and services we represent.”

“As we generate more business for these brands, we expect to see White House Marketing grow as well,” Randy noted. “For instance, we look forward to expanding into new locations and adding to our team of highly qualified associates – who I fully credit for our success so far.”

The interactive marketing firm’s management team cites that their approach to establishing goals has made the process much easier than they expected. “It’s easy to write down goals, and hope that you’ll reach them,” said Randy. “However, we want to ensure that we achieve them. Therefore, we focus on ensuring that they are detailed and specific, that they’re reasonably attainable given market conditions, measurable, and time-sensitive. We’ve also added several milestones that will serve as check points throughout the year to help us assess how far we’ve come and whether need to make adjustments to stay on track.”

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