PRESS RELEASE : White House Marketing Focuses on Hiring the Right People


TUCSON, AZ The president at White House Marketing outlined the importance of hiring the right people with the right attitudes. He also discussed the firms training approach and the growth opportunities within the organization.


Randy W., the president at White House Marketing look for many of the same skills and attributes in a new hire that other firms do. However, they also seek a specific mindset when assessing candidates. As Randy stated, “We want to make sure that any new addition to our team has the right kind of attitude to go along with his or her tangible skills. I believe that’s what determines who is right for a position and who is not.”


Business leaders are often tempted to bring in the most skilled candidates and have them get right to work. Randy and the rest of the White House Marketing leadership team certainly understand the appeal of doing so, but they also look for people skills and related qualities. As the president said, “For us, a candidate’s abilities to work well as part of a team and deal with adversity are even more important than his or her technical skill level.”


One reason that hiring based on attitude is such a sound strategy is that technology is always evolving. “The technical demands of business could change drastically over the next few years,” Randy noted. “We want to know that the people we bring into our firm have the temperaments to adapt to changes and grow right along with the business world. Our focus is on attracting talented candidates who aren’t afraid to adjust to evolving circumstances and tackle new challenges.”


White House Marketing’s President Details the Firm’s Training and Advancement Philosophies


The leaders at White House Marketing provide extensive training for new hires. They also organize ongoing training sessions for all team members. As Randy explained, “Areas of focus in our training efforts include product knowledge, customer service, and research skills. We also offer cross-training to make sure our associates understand each other’s duties. Communication skills and management techniques are also points of emphasis, because we want to identify future leaders.”


Along with an emphasis on progressive training comes great opportunity for advancement. Company leaders promote according to merit rather than politics or seniority, and team members know exactly what they must do to move up within the firm. As the president concluded, “There’s no mystery or gamesmanship when it comes to our people advancing. We make the expectations clear so each team member understands how he or she can achieve professional goals. I think that makes for an inspired group of top performers. It benefits our firm, our associates, and the brands we represent.”


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