WHM Joins the Kappa Delta Shamrock 5K Run to raise awareness on Child Abuse

Some White House Marketing reps attended this year’s 5K run in support of bringing awareness to child abuse.

On March 3, 2018, White House Marketing sent some reps who volunteered to attend this year’s 5K run to support child abuse awareness. This Shamrock run is hosted by Kappa Delta Panhellenic Association in multiple cities across the United States. The San Bernardino run was the closest to our Corona headquarters. Some reps took their dogs. Some reps were very competitive. Others just got a shirt and stood by to cheer the others on.

Michael M., White House Marketing rep came in 50th out of several hundred. Michael said, “Next time, I’m shooting for top 25 next time. But, seriously, the 5K was a great team-building event for the office and also dedicated to a great cause. We all got to be a bit competitive with each other. But, more importantly, we got to do our part to help fight child abuse. I definitely had a really fun time and was glad to run for a charity.” Phillip, also a rep and former UFC fighter, was beat by a tenth of a second by his eight year old daughter. She stated, “In all actuality, I would have beat him by more. He was slowing me down.”

Proceeds from those who participated went to local shelters and child abuse centers. White House Marketing is certainly looking to make this charity event a part of the routine. Everything was very well-organized and everyone was so nice. It was a bit wet outside from all of the rain the day prior. But, it was very refreshing—literally and figuratively.

How Travel Opportunities Benefit White House Marketing

We appreciate the power of a fresh perspective at White House Marketing. Our organization embodies a fresh standpoint on how to market, after all. So when we have the power to freshen our point of view, we take it. Two of the most valuable ways we have of changing the way we look at the world are conferences and retreats.

There are a number of benefits to be had from journeying to these weekend getaways. One of the first, and most powerful, for us is the revitalizing effect to be enjoyed from a weekend getaway. Time spent relaxing, networking with industry leaders, and strengthening relationships within our own team helps us feel refreshed and energized. Retreats and conferences also allow us to slow down and reflect on our accomplishments thus far, make new goals, and learn what has and has not worked for other high achievers.

This is why we value the opportunity to attend the Rest and Relaxation Retreat every year to honor our top performers. This retreat is designed specifically to rebuild our depleted stores of motivation. The beautiful scenery, pampering at the health spa, and extravagant awards ceremony are all designed not just to reward, but to rejuvenate.

These benefits are also why we send our executives to our quarterly leadership conferences in Texas.  The team building, education, and networking opportunities help us to absorb information and cultivate relationships that keep us sharp and inspired.

Travel opportunities are an investment, but one that provides a high return for the team at White House Marketing.

Meet the Team at White House Marketing

White House Marketing_team

White House Marketing is scouting for new talent in Tucson, Ariz., do you have what it takes to be apart of the team?

White House Marketing_team

We love outgoing, strong communicators.

White House Marketing_team

We are looking for individuals who possess organizational skills as well. Most importantly, we are looking for individuals who are willing to consistently learn and grow as a team.