White House Marketing extends a helping hand to those in need.

CORONA, CA – White House Marketing recognizes the rising number of homeless people in Los Angeles and decides to make a small impact for the holidays.

A White House Marketing representative, Yesica R. came into the office with a sigh of sadness under her voice one day. When she was asked, “what’s wrong?”, she stated that she was extremely affected by a viral video she saw on Facebook. The video was an interview with a homeless man in New York. He was talking about his typical days, how hard it is to find a job without having a residence, and the sadness he encounters during the holiday season by not having a home to go home to.


On December 22, 2017, a group of White House Marketing groups of representatives put together 150 sack lunches to hand out to homeless people. The sacks were filled with food and beverage items including sandwiches, chips, and non-perishables. All grocery items were donated by WHM employees. Each two-person group met at the office to put together sacks and drove to different areas of Riverside and Los Angeles.

Last year, it was reported that there are approximately 58,000 ho  meless people in Los Angeles. That number did not extend to surrounding areas. The Los Angeles Times came out with an article stating the reported estimated number was extremely low. The LA Times also stated in the article that “The count does not purport to tap every person who experiences bouts of homelessness over a year, but rather produces a snapshot of the street and shelter population that can be used to shape policy and distribute funding.”

So, although WHM could only reach 150 people in those areas, the tears of joy, hugs of appreciation, and happiness on their faces made the entire event well-worthwhile. Yesica says, “I really like working for a company that actually cares about what the employees care about. For someone to ask me what was wrong, ask to see the video, and encourage the food drive to take place was amazing. And, even though it was just one meal, I…we…made a difference in someone’s life today even if they don’t have a home to go to.”


White House Marketing, Inc., Shares Their Secrets to a Great Business Card

White House Marketing_team

White House Marketing shares four different ways to create the best business card for your business.

If You Are All Business

Keep it minimalistic but make it an extension of who you are. Remember less is more. Modern and clean make you look more professional. Avoid putting social media on the card, since you’re all about the business.

If You Are Trying To Break The Ice

The business card shouldn’t be a a far extension of who you are. They should be conversation starters. Also, remember to use humor as your ally. Use the business card to make sure people remember you versus your business.

If You Want To Showcase Your Work

This pertains highly to designers, photographer, or other visual creative, your cards are your portfolio. A good idea would to put your Instagram feed on the back of the cards. This helps drive more people to a particular social media that highlights the designs.

If You Want To Show Off Your Aesthetic

Entice someone with your business card, make it unique. Always think of your business card as a tiny piece of art and use it as a walking billboard. Just remember, don’t feel the pressure to get your design to sum up everything about your business, use it as an introduction.

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White House Marketing, Inc., Reflects on Workplace Innovation

Every business claims to want innovation but White House Marketing, Inc., frequently finds that sometimes it is unintentionally discouraged. To keep a flow of new and creative ideas, your office needs to provide the right environment and managers need to be prepared to embrace change.

Innovation requires change and risk-taking. Both these aspects can be terrifying for those in leadership who likely succeeded under a different set of rules. Rather than perceive change as a threat, accept that all things change—trends, market forces, consumer preferences, and even the nature of the available workforce. Fighting these changes will not help your business evolve. Accepting them as reality and finding the best way to make innovation work for your office will support growth.


Additionally, you should develop a structure within your workplace that allows team members to share new ideas. Put aside time for special meetings where everyone discusses what does and does not work and their perceptions on how to improve. Pay attention to emails from workers that suggest other outcomes. Remember to respond to them and do not just put them aside as a low priority. Team members who do not feel like you listen to them are unlikely to share their ideas and may take them to another firm.


What’s more, leadership is also necessary for innovation to thrive. Maintain a combination of creative people, processes, and focus. Listen to feedback and do not become defensive. Criticizing a process that seems inefficient is not the same as feedback on your leadership skills or personality.


Finally, an innovative workplace is one of open communication. It allows dialog between leaders and their teams. It respects the experience of others. The best way to promote new ideas is to build an environment where they are welcome.