White House Marketing Makes Meetings Meaningful

The team at White House Marketing knows that sometimes a meeting is all it takes to make or break the day. Having effective meetings are a key part in business success. We are following a few tips to make sure our meetings are as meaningful as possible.

A recent report by Blue Jeans Network found that the vast majority of professionals feel face-to-face communication improves business relationships. This means that every second in a meeting has a more powerful impact later.

Another tip is do not overlook the timing of a meeting. Timing is everything and sometimes its all we got. Keeping meetings between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. are prime time to keep the team focused.

Lastly, keep the meetings short and concise. If there is a lot of material, break the meetings into multiple sessions, this will keep your team engaged.

White House Marketing’s team stresses the importance of meaningful meetings and we know that it is important follow these tips.

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