White House Marketing, Inc., is Removing This Word From Our Vocabulary

White House Marketing, Inc.,’s team is refraining from the word failure this month. During one of our studies we found more successful business leaders do not use this word.

By removing the word failure from our vocabulary we can see a brighter future and a higher success rate for our team and business.  The word itself makes a lot of us want to crawl in a ditch and that does not help anyone succeed. By using the word as a crutch it can also hinder the progression of our team in the company.

White House Marketing, Inc.,’s team would like to go the whole month of July without using failure as a crutch. Can you?

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White House Marketing Makes Meetings Meaningful

The team at White House Marketing knows that sometimes a meeting is all it takes to make or break the day. Having effective meetings are a key part in business success. We are following a few tips to make sure our meetings are as meaningful as possible.

A recent report by Blue Jeans Network found that the vast majority of professionals feel face-to-face communication improves business relationships. This means that every second in a meeting has a more powerful impact later.

Another tip is do not overlook the timing of a meeting. Timing is everything and sometimes its all we got. Keeping meetings between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. are prime time to keep the team focused.

Lastly, keep the meetings short and concise. If there is a lot of material, break the meetings into multiple sessions, this will keep your team engaged.

White House Marketing’s team stresses the importance of meaningful meetings and we know that it is important follow these tips.

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Meet the Team at White House Marketing

White House Marketing_team

White House Marketing is scouting for new talent in Tucson, Ariz., do you have what it takes to be apart of the team?

White House Marketing_team

We love outgoing, strong communicators.

White House Marketing_team

We are looking for individuals who possess organizational skills as well. Most importantly, we are looking for individuals who are willing to consistently learn and grow as a team.

White House Marketing Has 12 Personality Traits That Make Us Rock-Star Leaders

White House Marketing_Randy

White House Marketing knows that to be a leader we must possess certain personality traits that make us unique. We look for new team members to, not have every single one, but have a few of these personality traits as well.

The reason our team is so successful is due to the 12 personality traits that make us great leaders.

  • We think positive: We understand the power of thinking positively and making each opportunities a learning lesson.
  • We are honest: Always be honest, the team will only  flourish when honesty is rich.
  • We delegate: Leaders know who will be the best at certain tasks and who wont. Always delegate.
  • We communicate: Communication is key! A team will not be successful without an open line of communication.

We have many other traits that we know will make us well-rounded leaders. We are balanced, inspire and always give credit. How do you lead?

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White House Marketing is Excited About Upcoming Local American Marketing Association Events

On Thursday, June 12th, the American Marketing Association (AMA) is hosting a networking event right here in Tucson, Arizona! The event will focus on strategic thinking and ways to stay ahead of the competition in today’s rapidly changing environment.

This self-development workshop is designed to help leaders maintain their edge by thinking about their businesses in a new way. You’ll learn tools, tips and techniques for improving your strategic thinking skills to keep your business viable and vibrant.

The price to attend the event is as follow: $75 Members $95 Non-Members After May 22. The workshop will last from 8:30 am until 11:00 am but check-in is at 8:00 am.

You can register online here! The networking event is taking place at The University of Phoenix, located at 2200 East Elm Street.

White House Marketing is proud of this local networking event and encourage young professionals in the area to attend and learn as much as they can!

White House Marketing, Inc., is Creating Leadership that is Impossible to Ignore

White House Marketing Inc. is dedicated to bringing stellar leadership and skill sets to the table. Our team will focus on generating the best team members and helping them cultivate new and exciting skills they didn’t posses in the beginning.

Leadership is a position and we look at this in the exact way. A lot of teams look at leadership as a noun, and that’s where they fail. Leaders inspire a team through taking on the position of leadership.

Not only is leadership a position, but it’s an activity. Leadership is about engaging with people, explaining to people and motivating people. It is also about giving the team a direction with enthusiasm and a sense of momentum to keep the business moving no matter the challenges.

This is how White House Marketing, Inc., is cultivating a force of leaders to break into the world.

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