WHM Joins the Kappa Delta Shamrock 5K Run to raise awareness on Child Abuse

Some White House Marketing reps attended this year’s 5K run in support of bringing awareness to child abuse.

On March 3, 2018, White House Marketing sent some reps who volunteered to attend this year’s 5K run to support child abuse awareness. This Shamrock run is hosted by Kappa Delta Panhellenic Association in multiple cities across the United States. The San Bernardino run was the closest to our Corona headquarters. Some reps took their dogs. Some reps were very competitive. Others just got a shirt and stood by to cheer the others on.

Michael M., White House Marketing rep came in 50th out of several hundred. Michael said, “Next time, I’m shooting for top 25 next time. But, seriously, the 5K was a great team-building event for the office and also dedicated to a great cause. We all got to be a bit competitive with each other. But, more importantly, we got to do our part to help fight child abuse. I definitely had a really fun time and was glad to run for a charity.” Phillip, also a rep and former UFC fighter, was beat by a tenth of a second by his eight year old daughter. She stated, “In all actuality, I would have beat him by more. He was slowing me down.”

Proceeds from those who participated went to local shelters and child abuse centers. White House Marketing is certainly looking to make this charity event a part of the routine. Everything was very well-organized and everyone was so nice. It was a bit wet outside from all of the rain the day prior. But, it was very refreshing—literally and figuratively.

White House Marketing is Inspired by Warren Buffett

The team at White House Marketing sets a high standard for themselves. It is our ambition to provide the best, most effective experiential advertising campaigns to be found anywhere in Arizona and beyond. This is a lofty goal, and sometimes we look to the accomplishments of great people for some inspiration. One of the people we look to for encouragement is Warren Buffett.

Nicknamed the Oracle of Omaha for his seemingly magical ability to predict market trends, Mr Buffett has a net worth of over $60 billion. He is still the active leader of Berkshire Hathaway, the investment company he started almost 40 years ago, and when he finally retires his responsibilities will have to be split between two people. Yet, despite all his amazing wealth and success, Mr. Buffett still lives in the same house he bought back in the ‘50s for a little over $30,000.

Despite his wealth, Mr. Buffett is famous for openly admitting how tax laws unfairly favour the rich. He has often been in the news for his candid admissions on how little he pays in taxes (proportionally) compared to far less wealthy people than himself. President Obama is working toward the passage of the Buffet Rule, which would lay a minimum 30% income tax on anyone earning over $1 million a year. Mr. Buffett is also an incredibly generous philanthropist, recently pledging to donate the bulk of his wealth to charity after his death.

Warren Buffett is a billionaire with heart, and a worthy source of inspiration for White House Marketing.

White House Marketing, Inc., is Removing This Word From Our Vocabulary

White House Marketing, Inc.,’s team is refraining from the word failure this month. During one of our studies we found more successful business leaders do not use this word.

By removing the word failure from our vocabulary we can see a brighter future and a higher success rate for our team and business.  The word itself makes a lot of us want to crawl in a ditch and that does not help anyone succeed. By using the word as a crutch it can also hinder the progression of our team in the company.

White House Marketing, Inc.,’s team would like to go the whole month of July without using failure as a crutch. Can you?

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White House Marketing, Inc.,’s Team is Making Important Investments

The team at White House Marketing, Inc., believes in the importance of setting ourselves up for success. In order to do so, we must invest in our future. We are investing in 10 things to help boost our lives well into our 30s.


Gym membership: In the U.S. we end up spending $2 trillion annually on healthcare expenses. In order to help save ourselves money, time and our health, we are going to invest in a gym membership, just $10 will do.


Three bottles of good wine: Wine is a great thing to invest in, not only does it come in handy while hosting dinner parties but it can be traded on the Wine Stock Exchange, thus making you money as well.


Kiva: Kiva is a non-for-profit microfinance organizations that allows anyone to loan  money to third-world-businesses enterprises. The minimum investment is $25 and you are helping businesses around the world grow.


Social media strategy: A recent study shows that 18 to 34-year-old Americans spend on average 3.8 hours a day on social networking websites. Might as well make this platform into something worth money.

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White House Marketing Makes Meetings Meaningful

The team at White House Marketing knows that sometimes a meeting is all it takes to make or break the day. Having effective meetings are a key part in business success. We are following a few tips to make sure our meetings are as meaningful as possible.

A recent report by Blue Jeans Network found that the vast majority of professionals feel face-to-face communication improves business relationships. This means that every second in a meeting has a more powerful impact later.

Another tip is do not overlook the timing of a meeting. Timing is everything and sometimes its all we got. Keeping meetings between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. are prime time to keep the team focused.

Lastly, keep the meetings short and concise. If there is a lot of material, break the meetings into multiple sessions, this will keep your team engaged.

White House Marketing’s team stresses the importance of meaningful meetings and we know that it is important follow these tips.

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Meet the Team at White House Marketing

White House Marketing_team

White House Marketing is scouting for new talent in Tucson, Ariz., do you have what it takes to be apart of the team?

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We love outgoing, strong communicators.

White House Marketing_team

We are looking for individuals who possess organizational skills as well. Most importantly, we are looking for individuals who are willing to consistently learn and grow as a team.