White House Marketing’s 2015 Resolutions for Entrepreneurs

Happy New Year! Are you ready for a few quick resolutions to help you grow your business in 2015? Our team at White House Marketing has assembled some tips on how you can make a mark this year:

Resolve to Confront Challenges: Maybe it’s a skill you’ve been putting off learning, or a difficult conversation you’ve avoided long enough. Make a plan to tackle those unpleasant issues as soon as possible this year, and set a game plan for making key improvements to your business that will make you more efficient, productive, and profitable. One hint: let apps do some of your work.

Resolve to Help Others: Whether its matching a new business connection with a source for one of their needs, or giving back to the community, let 2015 be the year that you focus on sharing your time and resources to help others. You’ll be amazed at not only how good it feels, but also at how much your business benefits as a result.

Resolve to Improve Your Work Life and Personal Life Balance: Have you been making a habit of 16-hour days and working every weekend? In 2015, allow yourself some time to enjoy the hard-earned fruits of your labor. Be home for dinner with your family as often as possible, set a time limit for how long you spend at the office on Saturday or Sunday, and make plans to which you can look forward, like a vacation or even a getaway weekend.

As with any resolution, your best chance of success is to write your goals down and create a plan to achieve them. From our White House Marketing team to yours, may your 2015 be filled with prosperity and peace.

Understanding Jobs’ Leadership, with White House Marketing

Perhaps the most iconic innovator of our time, the late Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder, had a unique leadership style very much based on his Zen beliefs. Today, businesses around the globe are eager to capture the essence of his leadership. Our team at White House Marketing have also studied Jobs’ style and found some interesting points to share.

One of the differentiators between Apple and its competitors comes from its simplicity. This characterizes Jobs’ leadership succinctly. He was all about maintaining focus and simplifying. He would only allow his team to work on three or four projects at most in order to make them extraordinary.

Jobs was a believer in taking responsibility for the user experience from end to end. This resulted in the seamless integration of Apple products and devices that we use today. Jobs also believed in putting products before profits, and not cutting corners. Even packaging and presentation were constructed to be appealing, as are the stores in which Apple products are sold. The quest for perfection was very much engrained in Jobs, who was known to delay the release of a product, or anything he worked on, until he was sure it would excel.

Interestingly enough, despite the popularity of Apple products, Jobs did not place much faith in marketing focus groups. His assumption was that the products were so innovative that consumers wouldn’t even realize the features or construction were something they would want. He considered Henry Ford’s approach to cars, being that if asked what they wanted in a vehicle, people would say a faster horse.

Finally, one of the reasons Apple has always appeared to be cutting-edge isn’t because the company was the first to do something. It’s because Jobs believed that when behind, it’s better to leapfrog to the front than merely catch up. This legacy continues today in each Apple release.

Advice to New Business Owners from White House Marketing

Congratulations! You just launched your own business. As an interactive marketing firm, our associates at White House Marketing are often in contact with entrepreneurs from ventures of all sizes. Here is some of best advice we’ve gleaned:

Leverage Your Knowledge (and That of Others): Your business should be about what you know best. Therefore, it is important that you have knowledge in your industry. If you don’t, you need to find out where to get it – and quick. However, you don’t have to be a master at everything. If you need someone with a particular skill, make it a point to know where you can outsource work that falls outside of your area of knowledge.

Maintain Your Focus: Once you start your own business, you’ll find everyone you know suddenly has a great idea. However, not every idea is going to lead you down a path you want to follow. Stick to your business plan and bank these concepts for later assessment.

Understand That as a Startup, No One is Going to Hand You a Large Sum of Money: Even if you have a top-notch idea, until you start to materialize it and fully develop it, investors are not going to want to fund it. If it’s not something you can fund from your own profits or resources, you may need to scale it back until you can start to invest capital into your operations.

Finally, stay healthy. Many entrepreneurs become so focused on pushing their businesses that they forget to take care of themselves. Eat right, rest, and exercise. You’ll feel energized and your business will benefit from it as well.

White House Marketing Presents Lessons from Mandela’s Leadership

As a world leader, the late Nelson Mandela will always stand out as exemplary due to his natural leadership style that propelled him from activist, to prisoner, to president of South Africa – a country whose government at one time would have never recognized a man of color. Mandela’s capacity to inspire people is a story our associates at White House Marketing are eager to share.

The first thing to realize about Mandela is that he was able to influence people without the title of a leader. He captivated a nation during his 27-year imprisonment, as well as his five years as president. He was able to integrate, motivate, and mobilize his supporters because he recognized that leadership is about behavior, not position. Every aspiring leader should remember this and begin to exhibit his or her leadership abilities, regardless of role.

As someone who spent the better part of his adult life behind bars, one would understand if Mandela was inclined to retaliate. Instead he chose to forgive and collaborate, with a focus on building a unified country. He listened to others and leveraged his insights. As a business leader, remember that it’s important to reconcile and cooperate with others for the greater good.

Perhaps Mandela’s greatest strength was his tenacity. The culture of South Africa, in which apartheid was at the very core, was seemingly impossible to change. Mandela, however, never lost his faith that the country could someday abolish the laws that segregated people. Innovative business leaders share this trait in that they often face dismissals of ground-breaking ideas.

It’s easy to be amazed at all that Nelson Mandela, a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, accomplished in his life. However, as the White House Marketing team notes, the leadership characteristics he demonstrated can be adopted by any leader who wishes to inspire and overcome the obstacles in his or her path.

How to Lead, Presented by White House Marketing

It’s always important to learn from mistakes, and no one has ever said those mistakes have to be yours. Sometimes, as our associates at White House Marketing have noted, the best lessons come from failures. This is especially true in leadership, which is why we’re sharing these worst practices (and how to avoid them).

Even as a manager, you might have a full workload of your own. You may be inclined to feel that you have to finish what’s on your agenda before you tend to your team. This is a big mistake. Teams need their leaders to be present. They are your number one job. If you fail to make time for your colleagues because you’re too busy, it will reflect in how they perform. The same goes for defining goals, specifying project details with clear instructions, delegating assignments, and providing feedback. This is all part of nurturing and inspiring your team.

Your interactions with your team are important as well. While it is acceptable to develop a cordial relationship based on mutual trust and respect, be mindful of being perceived as overly friendly. For both your comfort and that of your team, professional boundaries should be delineated. Similarly, your team watches what you do, so lead by example. If you don’t treat customers with respect or you arrive to work late every day, you can’t expect them to behave differently.

Last, be careful when hiring. Even if you have an urgent need to fill a position, invest the time in finding the right individual for the role instead of rushing your search, as you could end up with someone who is not a good fit.

You can avoid these mistakes as leader by being present for your team, providing clear communication, leading by example, and taking care in hiring. Good luck!

PRESS RELEASE : White House Marketing Discusses Goal Setting for New Year

TUCSON, AZ – As 2015 begins in earnest, the White House Marketing management team has been diligently working on setting annual goals for their firm. They have adapted an approach to developing objectives they believe is worth sharing with others.

Randy, the company’s director of operations, expressed his excitement about the team’s plans for this year. “We had an outstanding 2014, and 2015 is going to be even better,” he exclaimed. “Our number one priority is, of course, helping brands grow and expand into new markets, and to attract the attention of other customers who will benefit from the products and services we represent.”

“As we generate more business for these brands, we expect to see White House Marketing grow as well,” Randy noted. “For instance, we look forward to expanding into new locations and adding to our team of highly qualified associates – who I fully credit for our success so far.”

The interactive marketing firm’s management team cites that their approach to establishing goals has made the process much easier than they expected. “It’s easy to write down goals, and hope that you’ll reach them,” said Randy. “However, we want to ensure that we achieve them. Therefore, we focus on ensuring that they are detailed and specific, that they’re reasonably attainable given market conditions, measurable, and time-sensitive. We’ve also added several milestones that will serve as check points throughout the year to help us assess how far we’ve come and whether need to make adjustments to stay on track.”

Read Full Press Release Here

White House Marketing Participates in Autism Awareness Fundraiser

Our White House Marketing team recently participated in a fundraiser for the Tucson Alliance for Autism (TAFA), and all of us had a wonderful time. Philanthropy is an important part of our culture, so we frequently take part in events such as this one.

It seemed that the entire community participated in this affair. There was live music, and the band played several different genres. Country clubs, retailers, and spas donated services and products for a silent auction, and several local restaurants provided the catering. The combined effort was simply remarkable.

All of us from White House Marketing were incredibly grateful for such a high level of participation, because this cause is an important one to us personally. TAFA offers many types of assistance, including support groups and skills groups, consultations, and comprehensive evaluations. This fundraiser in particular served to raise money for children and families impacted by autism. All of the proceeds were forwarded directly to the alliance.

TAFA’s overarching mission is to raise awareness, provide therapeutic and diagnostic services, offer support and resources for families and professionals, and to encourage relevant research. The leaders of the organization strive to make it a friendly and safe place for anyone affected by autism to feel welcome, a powerful educational resource for families, professionals, and schools, a leading voice in the region for issues related to autism, and the primary choice for relevant services.

It is also part of TAFA’s mission to be a financially self-sustaining agency. As such, we plan to attend as many events as possible to support this admirable organization. We invite others to participate in raising autism awareness as well.

White House Marketing Shares Entrepreneurial Advice from Accomplished Business Leaders

At White House Marketing, we regularly look to a variety of business leaders for inspiration and advice. Success and failure are two common topics of discussion, and we recently uncovered some insights in these areas that we’d like to share with you here:

Barbara Corcoran

Corcoran is an investor commonly recognized due to her participation in the television show Shark Tank. After receiving a steady stream of D’s in high school, she developed a multi-million dollar real estate company – while she was still in her early 20s. She says that her biggest failure was the idea to put all of her apartments for sale on video. That way, customers wouldn’t have to travel around looking at them. It didn’t work. As a means of damage control, she risked advertising on the Internet – in 1989. As you can probably guess, business boomed afterward. She credits an ex-partner (business and personal) with the best advice she’s ever received. When he informed her that he would be marrying her secretary, she ended their business partnership. He told her she’d never succeed without him. She certainly proved him wrong!

Mark Cuban

Cuban is also an investor on Shark Tank. Among other things, he’s also appeared on the television show Dancing with the Stars and purchased the Dallas Mavericks following a billion-dollar business deal with Yahoo. We at White House Marketing find his thoughts regarding his biggest failure rather intriguing. He’s had plenty of failures, but he said, “I haven’t had my biggest one yet.” When identifying his most favored bit of advice, he warned, “Today is the youngest you will ever be, live like it.” His idea of success is waking up every day and smiling knowing that it will be a good one.

We hope that you find these words of wisdom as meaningful as we did!

While House Marketing Recognizes Account Manager

Our team at White House Marketing is composed of intelligent and innovative individuals. All of our colleagues contribute extensive insight and unique perspectives to the firm. What’s more, we manage to integrate our skills to produce mind-blowing campaigns to our clients.

We are able to fully express our creativity thanks to the upbeat and supportive work environment our leaders have fostered for us. A significant part of this atmosphere relates to their willingness to recognize and express their appreciation for our accomplishments. One of the ways they do so is by highlighting our achievements publicly.

At this time, our leaders would like to express their gratitude for Khalid, one of our account managers. He is responsible for all of his colleagues working on a specific account. This means that he creates territory assignments, trains team members, executes marketing initiatives as requested by clients, develops fresh retention strategies, and acts as the point of contact between clients and the team. It’s a lot of work, but Khalid pulls it off with excellence and grace.

He studied elementary education at Long Beach State University, and was a track star during his college tenure. These experiences instilled in him the discipline and drive he pours into his work at White House Marketing. In fact, it wasn’t long before his self-motivation and team-player mentality skyrocketed him into the role of account manager. In addition to his work at our firm, Khalid has published a children’s book and is a successful entrepreneur.

We are able to fully express our creativity thanks to the upbeat and supportive work environment our leaders have fostered for us. A significant part of this atmosphere relates to their willingness to recognize and express their appreciation for our accomplishments. One of the ways they do so is by highlighting our achievements publicly. We couldn’t be prouder of our esteemed colleague!

White House Marketing Highlights Human Resources Director

We have some amazing individuals on our team at White House Marketing. Everyone who contributes to the firm brings his or her own unique perspectives and experiences, all of which we integrate seamlessly together to provide stellar services to our clients. Our human resources director, Sommer, is the latest professional to be recognized – and there is no doubt that she deserves it!

Sommer is from a small town in Oklahoma, but she has a broad background. After graduating high school with honors, she attended Oklahoma State University and the University of Central Oklahoma. Sommer earned degrees in theatre education and public relations, all while participating in cheerleading, basketball, and the thespian society. These endeavors clearly attest to Sommer’s passion and energy.

After teaching theatre at an arts academy for seven years, she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue acting. Sommer’s career has been quite successful, and she has played roles in a variety of films and television shows. Even after beginning her public relations career with us at White House Marketing, she still performs in plays and commercials.

To express appreciation for the hard work and dedication of people like Sommer, our leaders foster a supportive and empowering company culture. As part of this culture, they regularly highlight our key players. In addition to the skills our team members bring to the firm, we participate in an intensive mentorship-style training regimen that helps us hone our skills and gives us the confidence to move forward. It’s no wonder we’re unstoppable! We’d like to congratulate our beloved colleague for all her achievements, and we can’t wait to see her excel far into the future!