Ways to Enjoy the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya With White House Marketing

The team at White House Marketing has worked extremely hard this year, and our organization has enjoyed great success as a result. To reward the effort that has gone into our accomplishments, we are excited to send a select group of people to the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya for the all-inclusive Rest and Relaxation Retreat in 2015.

Built on the pristine Punta Venado Beach, this expansive resort takes extravagance and pampering to rock-star levels. Along with the exotic location, here are a few other things to enjoy while we’re there.

  • Sensational Feasting: There is a different culinary theme at each of the 12 different restaurants, and six different lounges to relax in before or afterward (or both).
  • Outstanding Indulgence: Enjoy golf courses, shopping, and a fitness center, then a massage when you’re done. There are 75 different spa treatment rooms, including hydrotherapy and steam therapy.
  • See Breathtaking Sights: The area in which we’re staying is rich in history, with the ancient city of Chichen Itza and the Pyramid of the Sun both within an easy drive.
  • A Little Slice of Heaven: For adults only, Heaven is an exclusive section of the resort that takes relaxation and luxury to a higher level.

Recognition, team building, and travel opportunities are important parts of our culture at White House Marketing. Our team is world-class, and we look forward to sending our leaders to the Rest and Relaxation Retreat in 2015. Everyone is working hard for the chance to spend a weekend at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya.

How Travel Opportunities Benefit White House Marketing

We appreciate the power of a fresh perspective at White House Marketing. Our organization embodies a fresh standpoint on how to market, after all. So when we have the power to freshen our point of view, we take it. Two of the most valuable ways we have of changing the way we look at the world are conferences and retreats.

There are a number of benefits to be had from journeying to these weekend getaways. One of the first, and most powerful, for us is the revitalizing effect to be enjoyed from a weekend getaway. Time spent relaxing, networking with industry leaders, and strengthening relationships within our own team helps us feel refreshed and energized. Retreats and conferences also allow us to slow down and reflect on our accomplishments thus far, make new goals, and learn what has and has not worked for other high achievers.

This is why we value the opportunity to attend the Rest and Relaxation Retreat every year to honor our top performers. This retreat is designed specifically to rebuild our depleted stores of motivation. The beautiful scenery, pampering at the health spa, and extravagant awards ceremony are all designed not just to reward, but to rejuvenate.

These benefits are also why we send our executives to our quarterly leadership conferences in Texas.  The team building, education, and networking opportunities help us to absorb information and cultivate relationships that keep us sharp and inspired.

Travel opportunities are an investment, but one that provides a high return for the team at White House Marketing.

PRESS RELEASE: White House Marketing Attends and Director Speaks at Leadership Conference

TUCSON, AZ – White House Marketing was well represented at a recent leadership conference in California, with the firm’s director delivering keynote address. Team members who attended the event returned to work with fresh motivation.

White House Marketing frequently takes advantage of industry gatherings to make new contacts and learn about emerging industry techniques. The recent regional leadership conference in California presented unique opportunities for the firm’s team members to sharpen their business acumen while interacting with top performers from across the country.

Randy, the firm’s director of operations, chose two team members to attend the conference with him. As he explained, “We attended several presentations on networking tips, business practices, and new ways to motivate a team.” Randy is looking forward to seeing the executives chosen to attend become more confident and achieve their goals through the lessons they learned at the conference.

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